The Taiwan Excellence Campaign: Bringing Pinoys to Excellent Lifestyles

My college years in UP Diliman were the years when the local TV is abuzz with all things Taiwanese. Those were the years when Dao Ming Si and the whole F4 gang invaded the Philippines. Each of my classmates couldn’t wait to go home just get the glimpse of F4 and San Chai.

What is in Meteor Garden that caught the hearts of Pinoy viewers? Is it because the lead actors are handsome? Is it because San Chai is pretty? The answers to those question is a “partly yes” because believe that what caught the Pinoy viewers’ hearts is the quality of the story. Meteor Garden offered a kind of drama that was never before seen in the Philippine entertainment scene. Meteor Garden is a shining example of excellence that Taiwan can bring to the Philippines.

Taiwan Excellence

Quality entertainment is not the only thing that Taiwan can bring to the Philippines. In fact, the Taiwanese government launched the Taiwan Excellence Campaign in our country. This campaign brings 56 top quality Taiwanese brands. About 175 products like the information and communications technology products, home living products, and sports products are available through this campaign.

The Taiwan Excellence Campaign is not just an event that simply promotes products that came from Taiwan. This campaign was actually a rigorous process that ensures the excellent quality of Taiwanese products.

The Taiwan Excellence Campaign was started during the 1980’s. Its goal is to support local Taiwanese products in making a competitive edge in the international market. This campaign was further enhanced in 1992 by the Taiwan Excellence Award wherein Taiwanese brands are given the Taiwan Excellence seal for their excellent quality.

Obtaining the Taiwan Excellence seal is not an easy process because the products should garner high scores in various categories, namely, R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Each product was evaluated by an international panel of judges.

Products that passed the initial screening will undergo further evaluations. The top ten products will receive the much coveted Gold Award while those that are in top 11 to 30 will receive the Silver award. The Gold and Silver Award seals serve as guarantee that the products are of high quality.

Buying products, especially gadgets, is a tricky affair. Our malls are flooded with products from different country. The sheer quantity of choices makes it hard for us, Pinoy consumers, in choosing the best product. The Taiwan Excellence Award is a welcome development for all of us because it will be a vital guide for us in choosing the best products that came from Taiwan.

The Gold and Silver seal on the Taiwanese products will make it easy for us in making educated choices and good purchases. In short, the Taiwan Excellence Award will improve the shopping experience of each Filipino consumer.

I am glad to know that the Acer laptop that I’m using to type this post received the Taiwan Excellent Award. Other products that received the Taiwan Excellent Award include Benq, Asus, and HTC.

From now on, I will be on the look-out for the seal of Taiwan Excellence whenever I buy gadgets and other products because I know that this seal is a guarantee of high quality and reliability.

To know more about the Taiwan Excellence Campaign, I suggest that you visit the Taiwan Excellence website and the Taiwan Excellence Facebook page.


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  1. My girl uses an Acer now. Used to use Asus. But Acer has a service centre, more convenient if anything goes wrong. No need to send here and there. It's cheaper too. Dunno where it's made, Taiwan...or where.

    1. Seems like Acer is better than Asus in Malaysia. Yes, Acer products are made in Taiwan.


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