Computer Desks must be Good

Research shows that employees work at their optimal performance if their workplaces are neat and organized. My bosses just realized this fact that is why everyone in the office is busy in making our office conducive for work. They implemented guidelines that will ensure that our workplace will be neat and organized.

Part of the effort to create a neat and organized workplace is by checking our office furniture. Our boss told us to make sure that our chairs are not broken, our working tables are free from dust and unnecessary objects, and our files in the filing cabinet are organized. He also talked about some of the computers desks in our office that are already worn out. He insisted we should buy computer desks that are sturdy and have a professional look.
computer desks

Computer desks are important furniture in the office that is why I agree with our boss when he said that our computer desks should have a professional look. In the superfast way of deals in today’s economy, first impression is vital. If our client saw how unorganized our computer tables are, I am sure that negative thoughts will pop out of their mind. They might think that we are also unorganized in dealing with our work. They even think that we are doing sloppy job and these may cause us to lose some clients.

I am glad that our office is working to make the workplace organized. And like what my boss said, “computer desks must be good.”

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  1. ang boss mo ba ay siya ring may ari. kasi sino ba ang ayaw ng magandang furnitures ang problema ay ang budget.

    Mas masarap talaga magtrabaho kung excited kang pumasok dahil you love your working station.

    Yan ang pinagsisikapan ko una sa lahat kahit ang sarili kong table sa bahay.

  2. Diamond

    Hindi naman yung boss ko yung may-ari. May iba pang mas mataas na boss kaysa sa boss ko.

    Tama ka. Mas maganda talaga kung maayos yung workstation. Nakakawalang gana magtrabaho kung pangit yung lugar na pagtatrabahuhan mo.

  3. Yes, good posture is very important when working long hours on computers and good furniture will contribute towards that...


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