Overheard Something about Movie Production

There are many interesting conversations that I overhear whenever I go to the local cafe to sip favorite latte. Yesterday I overheard some students, who are studying film making, talking about the processes that a movie undergoes before it reaches the theaters. They said that movie making is not just composed of shooting the movie but is also composed of other processes like production planning. It is not only the actors, actresses and director who works in making a movie. There are also lots of people who are working behind the scenes. There are the make-up artists, people responsible for costumes, set designers, etc. One of the most important group behind the movies are the production teams.
Production planning

I also overheard that movie production is not easy. That is why many production teams are looking for way to ease their jobs. Many production teams are now using web-based tools that give them easier manage all the processes that are involved in movie making.. Some of these web tools are already cloud based,which means that the movie production is following the technological trend.

The students continued their chat about movie making. I overheard some jargon like post production, setkick review, storyboard, and many other things. Thanks to their loud chit chat, I know now that making a movie is never easy. I guess I can now appreciate movies more.

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