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Welcome to Before the Eastern Sunset. I am glad that you visited my blog and you dropped by particularly to this page to see the great sites/blogs that I usually frequent. Many of the bloggers here are my friends and I highly recommend their blogs for you to read.

The links listed on this page are colorful collection of journals/sites/blogs. They are all interesting blogs/sites and I hope that you visit them also.

And then We Read & Totally Cool Something - Mark Ching 

The Frumpy Mom - Kashina

Bluedreamer's Top Five - Bluedreamer

Hey Ren - Ren

My Everything - Claire

Artistic World - Stevevhan

Dungeon Lord - Dungeon Lord

Poor Prince - Poor Prince

Moshi Moshi Anone - Sikoletlover

Coffee Crumble - Nicxter

My Life in Holland - Faye, who is also the owner of Blogging is My New Hobby -

My Tasty Treasures - Leah

Now What? - Aenid

Alps - Alps Aguado

Just Cool & Weird Stuff - CoolnWeird Stuff

Photo Craft - Bev Carvajal Pancho

One Acre of Diamond - Rommel Diamante

Wild and Extreme - Shabi Bk from India

Love Lifestyle Leisure - CJ Sallegue

Her Silence in Words - Tin San Diego

What's UP and Tom's Attic - Raffy 

Abdul Hakeem - Roy Paran

Pat Speaks - Patty Tappy

Find me Inside the Box - Cam Buendia

So there you have it! They are some of my great friends here in blogosphere. I have more friends to place on this page and I will also include them here also as the list is not yet completed and this page is continuously a "work in progress."

Do you want to be included in this list? Let's exchange links. Please leave a comment below if you are interested.

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